Minnesota's Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Experience

A T    R I N G N E C K    R A N G E ,  our goal is to provide the best possible pheasant guided hunting experience -- from the beginner to the more experienced hunter. Our private hunting land offers perfect wild pheasant habitat and the most abundant population in the state of Minnesota -- all at the most affordable prices.
Our approach is simple... assemble the group of people you want to hunt with, pick the days you want to hunt, and book your reservation.  Our pricing is equally simple -- one flat charge per gun per day.  At Ringneck Range, we want our clients to spend their time pheasant hunting... not sorting through endless high-priced hunting package options..

Want to hunt more than 1 day?  No problem... we can help you with hotel/lodging accommodations. Comprised of 1,500 acres of prime Minnesota pheasant habitat, Ringneck Range is located near Taunton, Minnesota, just 30 minutes from Marshall, Minnesota.  The land you will be hunting is leased for the sole purpose of pheasant hunting by Ringneck Range.  We do not hunt our own land.  It is used exclusively by our clients and, year after year, produces amazing natural pheasant reproduction. But, because it is all natural, it's also more challenging. These birds have survived predators like, fox, coyote and raccoon's.

We specialize in one thing and one thing only -- and that’s wild pheasant hunting! This is not a preserve. We take great pride in improving the quality of our pheasant habitat. Our land consists of CRP, CREP, trees, wetland, and food plots. This mixture of different habitats ensures a high quality hunting experience. Don't miss your opportunity to participate in "Minnesota's Ultimate Pheasant Hunting Experience".

We hope to see you this season. 

S I G N   U P   T O D A Y !

Ringneck Range
3179 190th Ave.
Taunton, MN 56291

Stephen Pridal
For Reservations: (612) 964-7480


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